Why we breahe: Yoga

Yoga at the beach
13 Nov, 2022

The authors of this documentary wanted to ask the question: Why do you do yoga? Why do you keep doing it? Why do you love him? The authors asked all these questions to experienced yogis in order to better understand the possibilities offered by yoga.

Often, people are first attracted to yoga for the physical component, because they want to be fit, look good and be strong. But what keeps them in practice is when they recognize the subjective, spiritual and restorative benefits at a much deeper level.

Our anxieties, despair and doubts are in reality mental creations often not rooted in reality. Yoga helps to alleviate these thoughts. There are many things going on in our minds, and yoga is a very good way to calm your mind and become more peaceful.

About the film: https://www.whywebreathe.com