The oldest Yoga teacher of the world

Nanammal Amma - The oldest Yoga teacher of the world
17 Aug, 2017

I assume that the 98-year-old Nanammal Amma has never heard of the numerous Harvard studies, which say that regular 20 minutes of daily yoga improves the quality of life enormously. And I'm also sure that the so-called hormone yoga, which is especially recommended for women with higher menopausal symptoms, is a foreign word for her.

Yoga is for the articulated Indian simply a life elixir. And so she gives serenity, joy and attitude with every fiber. Nanammal, which has been introduced into this art by its grandparents, has been teaching generations of new yogis for years, and their own disciples follow their example. Her students adore the old woman, who says that yoga is the reason for her good health and that she has never been in the hospital in her life. It is my pleasure to share this video with you to celebrate her work!